Cape Town to Livingston, Zambia - Monday, 21 September

Our phones all rang at 4 this morning. We needed to be up and about to board the bus at 5, and our flight at 7am. The hotel served us coffee at reception and sent us on our way with breakfast in a bag. It was pretty welcome.
Our flight to Johannesburg and then onward to Livingstone, Zambia was unevenful, though some of us were feeling quite unwell and Lorrie had the experience of being moved terminal to plane via the food loader truck.
Oh yes, there was an event - when we were in the departure area at Cape Town, waiting for the flight to Jo'burg, there was an announcement "would passenger Hatt please report to the desk immediately." We both rushed over, and Larry was taken outside to where his suitcase was lying on the ground. There was much commotion among the baggage handlers because his suitcase was buzzing! It was his electric shaver, the one guaranteed never to accidently go on in your luggage. So he turned it off, wrapped it in a shirt and repacked it on the tarmac. Gave everyone a bit of excitement.
A bus and driver met us at the airport and delivered us to the wonderful Royal Livingstone Hotel.
It's definitely my favourite so far!
We were greeted with ice tea on the lawn and could watch monkeys cavorting as we sipped.
Our rooms are smaller than the other places, but very comfortable. We and Lorrie have rooms off the same little alcove.
We do have to remember not to drink the water here, though.
At 4pm we left for the river, where we boarded the African Queen for a 2-hour sunset cruise.
The Zambezi is a beautiful river; sunset was glorious and we saw many hippos and some elephants through the trees.
On the hotel grounds we saw giraffes and then elephants along the road. There are many birds everywhere. Even after dark it was very warm outside.
Dinner was served on the lawns after dark whith torches for light. ( I wasn't feeling well, so went straight to bed rather than dinner. )
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